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Taming your inner money monster

Taming your inner money monster

Money is a taboo topic at the best of times, and when you’re a yogi our relationship with money and living in wealth can come into conflict with some of our yogic philosophies.  And yes I used the word wealth and not abundance for a reason. Abundance is a word that personally I find overused and overrated. It’s a cop out for those of us in the spiritual community, because somehow being spiritual has come to mean that money isn’t of importance.

When I picture where I want my life to go, I don’t dream at 50%. I don’t think, I want enough to get by. I dream of creating a life of great wealth, doing something I love, that enables others to create the lives they want for themselves also.

To be honest I’m yet to meet someone that isn’t funny about money, and it’s to be expected. Our money ideas and behaviours are developed throughout childhood. Whether we are savers, spenders or delusional about our spending.

When I first started charging for reiki session in 2007, I was very uncomfortable with putting a price on providing a service that was spiritually based, as it came so easily and I enjoyed it. Because there was no apparent “hard work” involved, it felt wrong to charge. It wasn’t until a friend of mine had a session and raved to me about how it had helped her insomnia and reduced her levels of stress that I realised this is worth paying for.

Here are my top tips on taming your money monster for a successful and profitable business.

Value Your Gifts

A great first step is to find a price you are comfortable with charging, then look at other similar businesses and see how wide the gap is.

Be Practical

It is highly likely you invested in some form of training or qualifications, map out the time and cost. Work out your return on investment, how many products, and classes or sessions do you need to sell to make that training worthwhile.

Money Mindset Reboot

Changing patterns around money, as with any other habit will take time and perseverance. Being aware of how money makes you feel in everyday situations will help you identify what your money monster looks like.

Feedback Focused

When you actively seek feedback from your clients, you can begin to see the value that you are providing. This will increase your confidence in charging the right price for your gifts and the opportunity to tweak anything that isn’t working.

Money Mantra

Having a money mantra will help you stay focused My money mantra helped transform and reinforce my positive money mindset. So much so, that I had it made into a piece of art that sits in my study. It will remind you each time you it down to work, what it is you are working towards.

Free your money monster, let him out into the light and transform the energy around your money and your worth.

This article was first published in ROOOAR Magazine on 30th June 2016.

3 ways to take yoga off the mat and into life

3 ways to take yoga off the mat and into life

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The Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming

The Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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The Travelers Stone

The Travelers Stone

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The Agony and the Ecstasy

The Agony and the Ecstasy

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