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“One cannot be prepared for something while secretly believing it will not happen” – Nelson Mandela

As you embark on this coaching journey you will make some empowering changes on the inside

Don’t be held back by limiting beliefs.
Dream big with small moves towards the best life possible.
Ask for a pay raise or promotion
Learn to really know yourself and live your life on your terms.

I believe all change begins with you; I am here to coach women like you!

I know with the truest of hearts, happiness energises a confidence that comes from within. You know you want to change the experiences of your life

I want this for you, and I will help you achieve it.



“Alisha has a way of knowing what it is you need. She is very aware and client focused which helped me get the most out of my time. Alisha is very holistic in her approach which is something I think is important for a practitioner.”

Jessica Scott-Young, Project Manager

The Flourishing Life Project

The Flourishing Life Project is a 6 month 1:1 Coaching program specifically designed with you in mind.

Practical: You will have the tools and tips, which you can instantly apply to your everyday life.
Personal: Coaching sessions tailored to your specific circumstances only.

(One size fits all doesn’t exist here—its all-individual 1:1, for you.)

Focussed: Assessing where you are now, we build the steps to where you want to be.
Holistic: Develop tools to manage your energy leaving you confident, resilient, and shiny.



Super Charged Sisterhood

You have a list of goals you want to achieve, but at the end of each year you cry into your eggnog as that list is a long as ever!

A ten month mastermind program that gets you focussed and smashing out your goals with the support of likeminded women.

Life after joining the Super Charged Sisterhood:

You are large and in charge of the direction of your life
Your bounce out of bed before the alarm
You don’t wig out when another project lands on your desk
You ask for that pay rise and negotiate like a boss
When someone asks what you do with a living, a smile spreads across your face




alisha_testimonials_angela2 “Alisha is an amazingly accurate, sensitive and insightful practitioner. During my session with her, I was able to reconnect with a deeply peaceful aspect of myself that had been alluding me for weeks previously.”

Angela Tannor, Practice Manager

Tune in & Tune Up Session 

Felling lack lustre and every day repeats like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day

This three week Tune in and Tune Up session will help you review and reset your current landscape, and leave you with a turbo charged plan.

Life after Tune In and Tune Up:

Your remember what it feels like to wake up feeling light and excited about the day ahead
You head speaks, your heart agrees
You get into bed at night, and sleep well knowing you are back on track



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