Hi, I'm Alisha

I coach women (and businesses) how to value themselves and their female talent. I guide women through a process of releasing limiting beliefs, building their personal wealth and how to navigate the parental transition journey to create a truly flourishing life.

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Alisha's Story

Alisha Waterman is one of the most-requested wellbeing coaches, and teachers whose platforms have reached and served people internationally.

Both inspiring and heartening helping others break through, to discover their own untapped truth, innate power and infinite potential.


Alisha will help you create a life you love. If it seems impossible now, give her philosophy a try.

The Flourishing Life Project Private Group and Podcast

Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’ to being part of a safe online space for motivated women, creating a life full of health and wealth.

With detailed templates and tools, access to personal and professional interviews, and experts. The Flourishing Life Project group and podcast provide insights to get you the results you deserve.

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Mindful Money for Women

Discover how to release your old money mindset and create a path to personal wealth.

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Navigate the parental transition journey with a group of like-minded women.

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