Combining transformational coaching with nutritional and healing principles—Alisha’s subtle magic will ignite and support you to flourish and step closer to your dreams.

Alisha Waterman will help you create a life you love. If it seems impossible now, give her philosophy a try.

My heart and birth home is London, growing up on the outskirts soon taught me of the lessons of life, which meant in order to survive I had to become independent and to thrive I had to become street smart. I lived off the fast paced energy of London town. Her pace moved like quicksilver and no matter how successful I was in my career or relationships; I always heard the whisper of my soul calling and felt the constant longing for adventure and exploration of more, somewhere, somehow, someplace…

But everything has its purpose, even if hidden at the time, the demanding lifestyle of London gave me the courage, strength and drive to study hard, work even harder and play just as hard, and I did.

I enjoyed my work and the corporate maze. I’ve spent the last 15 years working in corporate learning and development, supporting others to achieve their career goals and for me learning new skills comes as second nature.  But there has always been a yearning for something else, something not quite defined.

Far off places seemed to call me and I’d travel restlessly to a distant corner of the planet for my meager two weeks whenever I could. These trips awakened even more strongly that unknown yearning that soon became impossible to ignore.

In 2007, call it clichéd or instinct; I quit my job and travelled—landing in Sydney, Australia, which is now the place I call home.

In 2012, after a minor health crisis I hit the road once more. This adventure landed me in Guatemala where I dedicated time to practice yoga, meditation and mysticism. This is where my true spiritual and yoga journey began, two years later I had completed my Yoga Teacher Training.

It was during my time in the spiritual center of San Marcos, Guatemala I became aware, at last, of my true purpose; to fuse spiritual and practical support for others so that they would find their true soul purpose and create the life they are meant to have.

To achieve this:

“I pair practical coaching tools with energy work to help my clients unlock their true potential. Together we identify blocks and in doing so, learn how to eliminate them and shine a light on a new way forward by fusing together practical and spiritual ways to create the life they dream of”

I see my clients find their purpose and unlock their potential to be the best possible versions of themselves and am able to help them out of unfulfilling lives into their new and soul centred life, this is my true calling and life-purpose.

For my own journey this means that I never stop learning so that I can be of the greatest influence and help my clients as well as to my own evolution.


The corporate landscape that humanity has constructed and to which so many of us are bonded, is not conducive to our spiritual well being but there are ways that we can overcome the negatives and embrace a new way of “being” without sacrificing the basic needs of our lives.

~ Alisha Waterman


Alisha Collette Waterman is known as an Intelligent Woman / A Courageous Woman / A Loving Woman and as the Woman who teaches by Being.

Born in London, lives in Sydney with Caribbean heritage and is a world traveler—the woven threads of Alisha’s life inspire, intrigue and invite you to learn a new way of life through her coaching, healing and writing.

She has navigated the twists and turns of life, lived through grief and pain and heartbreak, lost herself and found herself more times than she can remember.

Alisha is the woman who knows.

You will find her on Bronte Beach after teaching a yoga class, singing as she cooks and moon-gazing in between reading books. Her Wellbeing is fueled and fused by good food, a healthy nourished body and calm mind—teaching others and giving back the knowledge she knows first hand by living an abundant, balanced healthy way of life.

And so here she is, now calling Australia home but always in her heart, grateful to London for the life that it set upon her.

Alisha’s coaching is based in Australia, her teachings and services are worldwide



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The Great Paper Trail!

  • Usui Reiki Practitioner – Level I – 2005
  • Tanran Reiki II & Master Practitioner – 2007
  • Diploma of Makeup Artistry for Film, Photography and Television – 2007
  • Higher National Diploma – Medical Biochemistry – 2000
  • Health & Life Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition NYC – 2013
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – Sukha Mukha (Bronte) – 2014
  • Yoga for Cancer – Adore Yoga – 2014
  • Communication for Development – Selected MBA Module – 2015
  • Diploma of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Centre of Excellence – 2015
  • Executive Masters in Business Administration – University Technology Sydney – Current
  • BA Health Sciences (Naturopathy) – NatureCare College – Coming Soon

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