My Morning and Evening Rituals

Rituals are a really interesting  

Finding a new norm is kinda my theme at the moment. With a new partner, new baby, international house move and a host of major career decisions my daily rhythm was to talk all over the shop. 

I have a few tried and tested daily rituals that help me feel grounded, centred and able to process any stress or anxiety that might pop up during my day. 

Here a few of my favourites that I wanted to share with you. 

Morning Rituals  

Rushing is one of my pet peeves and I find if I start my day in a mad rush that that energy seems to seep into all parts of my day and my interactions, leaving me frazzled and anxious. 

My hubby works away a lot of the week so my morning rituals adjust slightly to whether he’s around to share the load or not. 

If I’m solo parenting my first morning ritual is to get up at least half an hour earlier than I need to. This allows my brain to slowly wake up, get kid stuff organised and really just enjoy some quiet time before Elijah wakes up. 

If the the hubster is around I do the opposite. I try to sleep an extra 30 mins or at least stay in bed and rest, before starting the working day. 

We are still in the phase of broken sleep and night feeds, so finding quiet time and time to rest are super important to help calm my central nervous system and maintain my mental well-being. 

I also where I can like to get moving in the am. Nothing clears out the cobwebs more than exercise. Some days I’m up at 6am working out with a personal training and other days I have to actively look for opportunities to move throughout the day. Things like briskly walking and pushing the buggy to day care, taking the stairs at the train station or other incremental exercise. 

My last two daily morning rituals are combined into one awesomely powerful daily habit. The power of meditation for focus, and clarity and manifestation for active direction.  

Once I get on a mode of transport in the am I like to do the design my day meditation. This meditation helps me get centred for the day by releasing all that went down the day before, allowing a clean slate and actually visioning what it is I want to happen in my day.  

How do I want to feel? What interactions do I want with my colleagues? What goals are tasks am I going to achieve and I sit there for a few minutes and play it all out in my mind like it’s already happened. G

Evening Rituals 

The cleansing power and symbolism of water. 

No matter how much positive energy and preparation you put into creating your day and interaction. Sometime, you are just going to experience some funky low grade energy. Whether its emanating from within or been dumped on your by a client or co-worker.  

There is no greater way to wash away the troubles of the day, then literally jumping in the shower. Just the process of water running over your body and flushing away down the drain is symbolism enough to wipe away some of the days troubles. I like to super charge my shower time by recounting any not so great interactions or things that didn’t go quite so right and imagining them washing down the plug hole.  

Super simple but really effective. 

If things are weighing heavily on your shoulders I often find being submerged in water is a good remedy. Whether you jump in the ocean and reconnect with nature, or take a deep warming bath with salts and essential oils. 

Last but by no means least is my gratitude journal. This is last thing I do before I go sleep each night. I recount three things that have occurred throughout the day that I am grateful for and write them down in my journal. This not only brings my thoughts to the positive  interactions that have happened but it also preps my brain to actively seek them out for the future. You see, once you start dedicating time to being grateful, your brain will look for positive interactions knowing that at the end of the day you will recalling these to add to your journal. 

Simply put, being grateful and writing it down activates the brain to seek positivity from each moment and interaction. Therefore, increasing your general positivity and mood. 

I’d love to know what rituals you have that make the most impact on your day, chuck me a line in the comment. 

Feel free to download these free tools below to help you get started: 

Reflection & Gratitude Journal Template 

In Joy

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