Hey You - I know why you are here and I’m glad you came to visit.
I too have been in a place where money and finances kept me awake at night. That knot in your stomach is the worst feeling in the world and I want you to know, there is something you can do about it.

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”

Mindful Money for Women is a 12-week online program aimed to support you in facing your money demons, releasing self-sabotaging behaviours and getting clear on how to build your personal wealth.

The Mindful Money for Women program is here to support you to:

my why

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As a certified coach, I have trained at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and I have over 15 years coaching and professional development experience.

My sweet spot is to create and hold space for those on the journey of self-development, self-acceptance to create the life they truly desire.

What Others Say

"Alisha has a way of knowing what it is you need. She is very aware and client focused. Alisha is very holistic in her approach which is something I think is important for a practitioner."

"Alisha is an amazingly accurate, sensitive, and insightful practitioner. During my sessions with her, I was able to reconnect with a deeply peaceful aspect of myself that had been alluding me for weeks."

Mindful Money for Women is the right program for you, if you:

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Here’s what you will receive when you choose to work with me!

Mindful Money for Women is a fully online, group coaching program. You can complete the program from anywhere in the world.

You will have access to an abundance of online materials including videos, presentation packs, worksheets and audio downloads. Which are yours to access forever.

You will have a dedicated private Facebook group with monthly Facebook Live coaching sessions to delve deeper into the content, answer all your questions and gain additional peer support.

The option to add 1:2:1 private coaching sessions with me.

Mindful Money for Women

12 week online program

Coaching topics covered

Module 1

Your Money Ancestry

Let’s look at your self-made and inherited limiting beliefs in regard to money.

Module 2

Money Magic

Resolve limiting beliefs and create an abundant space for wealth to flourish.

Module 3

Dispel Debt

Dispel notions of guilt, shame and resent around debt, and understanding that debt can be positive.

Module 4

Find Your Footing

Evaluate your financial position and create your 12-month plan to financial wealth.

Module 5

Flourishing Finances

Money will always flow in and out, here we learn ways to mindfully spend and consciously save without feeling deprived.

Module 6

Consistency is Key

Your 12-month plan is your road-map to consistently saving and paying down debt. Planning and organisation is the key to your ongoing success

"Alisha is the best of all of the worlds. A little bit of corporate, a little bit modernistic and tough love. I have been able to make big changes to the way I am saving with my first step simply calling the bank to talk about my goals and setting up a new savings account."


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