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That Sweet Spot

That Sweet Spot

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen – Wayne Huizenga

I keep seeing the word Ikigai pop up on social media and in articles lately.

My curiosity led me to delve a little deeper and I found out that not only is Ikigai a Japanese word, but that its broader translation to English means “thing that you live for” which I call my purpose.

My understanding of what I have read is that the simplest way to think about Ikigai is as an intersection, I like to call it that sweet spot. That place where:

What you love

What you care about

What the world needs and

What you can get paid for gently overlap.

What I really loved on reading more about the concept of Ikigai is that it’s not this fluffly, airy fairy way of being. Whomever came up with idea must have been a true pragmatist as Ikigai has a few, what I like to call principles to understand along the way.

Finding or moving towards your Ikigai isn’t always a smooth ride, It’s challenging and this pursuit should lead you to self-mastery and personal growth. It involves a certain level of commitment. That might be commitment to learn a new skill, or dedicate time. Following this path is of your own choice, you are free to make so many decisions in life and we may not have the courage to leap forward. However, if you do, you can hope to be rewarded with enhanced wellbeing and increased energy or zest for life.

Finding your purpose is something that may take time to make itself clear to you, which evolves and unfolds over your life time.

Getting Started

Here are a few sure fire questions to get the cogs turning in regards to your Ikigai. Grab pen, some paper and a quiet corner to jot down what comes to mind. And remember there are no right or wrong answers, only what is right for you, right now!

What do you love? (Your passion.)

What are you good at? (Your profession)

What does the world need? (Your mission)

What can you get paid for? (Your vocation)

Mind Map

It was really helpful for me to map put my answers in a way that reflects the Ikigai model. See the top of this post for the layout. But do whatever works for you, mind map, venn diagram or good old list is just fine. It’s more about the quality of your responses and where to next.

Taking Action

The best part about identifying your purpose is being able to take tangible steps towards a life you want. Why not try out my free 90 day action planner to help you set goals and find small steps to take you closer to you purpose.

I’d love to hear what came up for you when you looked at you ikigai and worked through the questions. Why not drop me a line below.

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