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The Travelers Stone

The Travelers Stone
It’s been a very rare treat recently to have any free time to just roam and wander. My ritual self-gifting of setting off on overseas adventures hasn’t been feeling the love of late. On this sunny Sunday morning, for the first time in months I had a chance to head to beach front markets. Being such an avid traveller and lover of crystals, I have owned my fair share of amethyst crystal in varying forms.


Amethyst is a beautiful lilac coloured form of quartz and is well known for its supportive and healing properties. Amethyst is known mostly for its protective qualities on the physical and spiritual realms. Physically, amethyst is known for protecting those with a gypsy heart, and should be word while travelling to protect against harm and theft of personal items. Spiritually it is known to protect its wearer from negative energies and psychic attack.


More recently I haven’t been wearing any other crystal apart from my moldavite pendent, but I came across this beauty at the markets and fell instantly in love. As I continued to follow the trail of stalls and soak up the sun, I wondered why this stone was calling me at this time. There must be something new this amethyst could offer or that I was needing in my energy field right now.


Even when returning home, later that evening I could feel there was more I needed to know and began some deeper research on this gem. What I found made me smile wide and laugh loud, as always I had found energetic support that I was looking for. I have and addiction that I have struggled with for many years. And, many of you will probably laugh when I tell you that it is chocolate and all things connected to sugar. But when I say it is an addiction I mean it in it’s truest sense. Even with my extensive knowledge and understanding of nutrition and health, I still struggle to curb cravings for sugar. Especially when in times of continued stress.


I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, and find I can quit sugar and go cold turkey quite easily but if I have one tiny square of chocolate (even the purest, rawest form) I’m back on the sugar train, it’s my krptonite. Much to my delight I have found that amethyst is also known as the sobriety stone. It was used by the ancients to help ease those with all kinds of addictions from alcohol and cigarettes to deeply ingrained compulsive behaviours. I look forward to observing the next few weeks during the busy Christmas period and seeing how the energy of this stone impacts my energy field and behaviours.

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